Time and You


Time and you ~ A companionship for keeps…..

This may sound a little odd to you as when we talk about relationship or companionship we talk about life partner, friends, parents, pets and people who are not wanted at all. And here I am talking about TIME.

Have you ever realised most of the time, our conversations are around present past or future, which is what, if not time.

I often have clients who feel hassled that nothing is working for them, they feel like either they were running out of time or that time is working against them. In other words, it was more of a foe than friend of theirs. They had to follow its lead and be controlled by it. These perspectives led to a lot of anxiety, panic, rushing, frustration and victim thinking. Does this resonate with you?

I started dwelling into this game of tug between time and us. I read about how our own views about time and the focus on negative lead to this tug of war. While looking into some books I came upon these statements –

What if time didn’t have that much power over you?

What if your view of time had nothing to do with time at all –but more to do with a false belief in scarcity thinking?

There are few significant observations to be noted from what is written in above statements. The first is that time is not outside of me, it isn’t something that is challenging me or questioning my ability. It is a part of me, in my control and the other is that looking at time in the “regular” way that most of us does is largely dependent on fear based – tat time is not enough or time is what controls us or teaches us or makes us repent.

If I have created so many positive re frames on old ways of thinking that didn’t serve me, why can’t I do it with time?

I know this may sound a little off beat. The reason being almost everyone we know doesn’t look at or understand time in this way. However if you are willing to create your relationship with time which is not based on fear, scarcity or need, you can shift your relationship with struggle, anxiety and even health issues to peace, love and acceptance.

A quote that I use to help guide me to new heights and deeper understandings is by Dr Wayne Dyer ” IF YOU CHANGE THE AY YOU LOOK AT THINGS THE THINGS E LOOK AT CHANGE ” Are you willing to try?

Here are a few ways to develop a better relationship with time


By putting yourself first and doing what’s best for you, you are beginning to take call the shots on time rather than the other way around. You do not hide behind excuses or reasons and you get to choose what is best for you and what will fill you up rather than deplete you. This will help you in making a solid foundation with time.

Be Responsible

Make decisions and take ownership which will create a sense of control within you. This means know that you creating your own time. The idea that time is against you or you have to follow its lead is done. Now it’s about putting yourself in the driver’s seat.

Re frame your thoughts and believe system around time

Notice how you speak about time. What is the language you use around time and how does it serve you? If it leads to a stronger believe in the scarcity of time wipe it out and use new language. I am in control of my time. There is no conflict with time. Time is ample. Time is my best buddy and so on.

Write out what limiting beliefs you have around time and create new ones that support the idea that you are the creator of your time and there is an abundance of time.

Trust self and you’re Experiences

This one is extremely important part of the bargain. Rather than judging self and your experience with time/age/accomplishments choose trust instead. Trust that the unfolding of time in your life is exactly as it’s meant to be for you. That time is your choose companion and is serving you and not other ay around.

Give yourself the gift of peace, trust and energy by reworking and creating a new relationship with time. Just the way your other relationships work in life – your perspective of time largely impacts your life experience.

With Love and Gratitude

Rakhi Softa Sharma


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